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THERMODRAIN FRP / GRP Gratings Vs Mild Steel Gratings

High Strength To Weight Ratio. Low Strength To Weight Ratio
No Scrap Value Hence No Theft High Risk Of Theft
Light Weight - Easy To Handle Heavy - Needs More Manpower
Material Has High Impact Resistance Hence Doesn’t Permanently Bends Due To Moving Vehicles Material Permanently Bends Due To Moving Vehicles
Corrosion Resistant, No Effect Of Sea / Sewage Water. Gets Corroded By Sewage & Sea Water
No Algae Formation Algae Is Easily Formed Over Metal Surface
High Aesthetic Value, Available In Dark Grey Or Any Desired Color Standard Appearance
Self Pigmented. No Painting Required Painting Required At Regular Intervals
Less Freight & Handling Cost, Due To Less Weight Higher Freight And Handling Cost, Due To More Weight
No Maintenance Required Painting Required Periodicaly To Save From Rusting