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Recess Manhole Covers

With a better performance than Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and RCC manhole covers THERMODRAIN Recess Covers are lighter and superior to the conventionl materials. They have been thoroughly tested for load bearing and permanent set as per BSEN 124, IS 1726 & AASHTO M306 standards for drainage and utility services. Our covers meet all the requirement of the code. A 65 mm Recess height is provided for fixing of cement, blocks, or tiles.

Our covers are available in all standard sizes with load bearing capacity ranging from 2.5 tons to 60 tons(E 600). They are circular, square and rectangular shapes available with single and double seal arrangements.

Salient Features

All covers are available with double seal.

Non Brittle

All lifting keyholes are in M. S Epoxy painted / Stainless Steel, Socket type to avoid wear and tear in lifting area.

Self Pigmented / Non-Painted.

Permanent set is zero in all sizes & load bearing.

All Keyholes have closed bottom.( Non thru & thru )