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Properties Of FRP / GRP / Composite

  • FRP as a material is resistant to sunlight, water, chemical water, sewerage water.
  • UV stabilizer is added to the raw material to impart UV resistance
  • FRP has high impact resistance as it is flexible and not brittle. Hence, in case of excess load bearing the FRP covers /gratings do not disintegrate into pieces like Cast Iron or Ductile Iron.
  • The strength to weight ratio in FRP is much higher than other materials. Hence, the strength is higher even with lesser weight of FRP.
  • During manufacturing, FRP cures at a self exothermic temperature of 175°C.
  • FRP is a thermoset material (non reversible and cannot be melted) and not a thermo plastic (reversible and can be melted). Hence, the non reprocessability protects it from theft and extreme sunlight does not soften the material
  • FRP is a suitable material under extreme hot and cold conditions.
  • FRP can be destroyed by burning in incinerator.

Features Of THERMODRAIN FRP / GRP / COMPOSITE Manhole Covers

  • Due to non presence of metal or any other reprocessable material in the cover, our covers are not prone to theft.
  • Top 7mm surface is a high abrasion surface.
  • All THERMODRAIN covers are available with double seal arrangement
  • The lifting area i.e., the rod type lifting or key hole type (High Strength Plastic Alloy / Stainless Steel - socket type) is closed from the bottom. Hence, it does not allow mosquito breeding in the chambers.
  • THERMODRAIN FRP Manhole Covers are available in standard granite finish and are also available in any other colour specified by client.
  • All THERMODRAIN Covers are self pigmented and hence, does not require painting. However, if wanted they can be painted.
  • All THERMODRAIN products are UV stabilized and hence, there is no effect of sunlight.
  • Due to poor heat transfer properties of FRP, FRP Covers do not absorb heat and remains at normal temperature under sunlight. Hence, it is convenient to handle THERMODRAIN FRP Manhole Covers under extreme hot conditions.
  • As the FRP Manhole Covers are flexible and do not disintegrate into pieces due to excess load bearing imparted on the cover, accidents on roads are avoided as the chambers are not left open even in case of cracking of cover.

Special Features

  • All lifting keyholes are bottom closed. This does not allow foul smell to emanate from the Chamber & does not allow foreign particles to enter the Chamber.
  • All Manhole Covers are double seal type.
  • All lifting key holes have high strength High Strength Plastic Alloy / Stainless Steel sockets. This does not allow the FRP to get damaged around the key holes due to multiple lifting operations. Please find attached picture of the key hole showing the condition of the keyhole area without insert & condition of "THERMODRAIN" keyhole area with insert.